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At Blue Planet Vision, I have a dream... that you may be able to feel more in tune with your own creativity, intuition and resources, that you may be in tune with the power within and without, and be all that you can be.

Will you let me be by your side? 

Of course, you are the one setting out on your unique journey. My role as a mentor is to nudge you gently when you need confidence and to help you conceive of what is possible for your life...

No holding back: you are here to shine. 

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Francesca Aniballi
Francesca Aniballi

About the instructor

I am a teacher, writer at and mentor, but before all that I am a lifelong seeker, learner and researcher.

My love of creativity and the imagination has led me to explore several practices and strands of thought, both in my studies and in my teaching, through literature, fiction, poetry and mythology, anthropology, storytelling, therapeutic and creative writing, philosophy and spirituality, counselling and expressive arts therapy. 

I have a PhD in Comparative Literature, and an M Sc in Social Anthropology from British universities. I also have a Certificate in Therapeutic Writing Practice and am currently training to become a certified art therapist and counselor in Italy.

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