Colour Your Life: A Course in Creative Mindset

A 5-Day Program to (Re)activate Your Creative Spark

If you are looking for effective guidance in creative thinking that would help you have higher levels of energy and enthusiasm, COLOUR YOUR LIFE. A SHORT COURSE IN CREATIVE MINDSET is what you need.

If you are feeling stuck, this course will stir the waters of your inner creative reservoir;

if you are overwhelmed by the wealth of materials available about creativity, this course will provide you with effective suggestions, ready to be implemented, based on my personal study and practice about creativity and the imagination;

finally, if you have limited time, this course will provide you with a few core activities that are easy to do and don’t require any complicated procedure or special equipment. Notepads may be handy. Your desire and 20-30 minutes a day are all that is required!

What's included?

7 Videos
2 Surveys
1 Text
5 PDFs
Francesca Aniballi
Francesca Aniballi

About the instructor

I am a teacher, expressive arts facilitator and writer.

I consider myself a lifelong seeker, learner and researcher.

My love of creativity and the imagination has led me to explore several practices and strands of thought, both in my studies and in my teaching, through literature, fiction, poetry and mythology, anthropology, storytelling, therapeutic and creative writing, philosophy and spirituality, counselling and expressive arts therapy. 

I have a PhD in Comparative Literature and an M Sc in Social Anthropology from British universities. I also have a Certificate in Therapeutic Writing Practice, qualifications in Expressive Arts Therapy and Counselling. I also am a Certified Artbundance Coach with a focus on creativity, spirituality, motivation and goal achievement.


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