Write Yourself Free

Heal Your Life Through Creative Writing.

In this hands-on course, you will practice creative writing with a view to heal your life and emotions and be able to express yourself creatively. The course is divided into six core sections, for a total of 54 writing activities, a bonus section, containing a four-step creative process to get soulful story ideas.

When you sign up, you are embarking on a whole transformational journey that will lead you on the other side of low self-esteem, lack of focus, a sense of purposelessness, feeling stuck or anxious to the safe shore of self-confidence, sharp focus, clarity of purpose, and renewed wellbeing and self-knowledge.

Ideally, you are going to work with the course activities for 52 weeks or about a year. You can also finish the course in 6 months, although the work may be intense. Each session may require between 20 minutes and one hour of writing.

The videos are very short and describe the activity you have to undertake.

The activities are connected and should be done in the given order. They are based on the theory and practice of creative therapeutic writing and are devised to give you a complete healing experience through writing: to facilitate your process towards inner freedom, self-compassion and awareness.

This is a practical course. As James W. Pennebaker and other researchers have shown, the benefits of writing are manifold.

You will improve your mood and your self-esteem;

You will relieve chronic pain;

You will improve your memory;

You will increase your emotional intelligence, empathy and self-awareness.

Enrol today and enjoy the well-being and the freedom that come from authentic self-expression.

The results of seriously engaging with the course are:

  • bringing to the surface, acknowledging and healing your inner wounds and memories
  • moving on and being able to be in the present moment
  • allowing a sense of possibility and playfulness in your daily life
  • expressing your truths
  • enhancing your creativity and imagination
  • being in charge of your responses to external triggers
  • moving from a place of victimhood and reactive action to a place of self-awareness and self-possession, a place where you choose your responses and actions
  • overcoming a sense of isolation and anxiety and discovering your resilience
  • discovering your resources in unexpected or overlooked inner places
  • getting acquainted with and truly appreciating your best friend: yourself
  • exploring your potential and envisioning your possible future
  • improving your writing craft
  • having fun being creative!

Course Curriculum

Write Yourself Free. Conclusion.

What's included?

56 Videos
9 PDFs
Francesca Aniballi
Francesca Aniballi

About the instructor

I am a teacher, expressive arts facilitator and writer.

I consider myself a lifelong seeker, learner and researcher.

My love of creativity and the imagination has led me to explore several practices and strands of thought, both in my studies and in my teaching, through literature, fiction, poetry and mythology, anthropology, storytelling, therapeutic and creative writing, philosophy and spirituality, counselling and expressive arts therapy. 

I have a PhD in Comparative Literature and an M Sc in Social Anthropology from British universities. I also have a Certificate in Therapeutic Writing Practice, qualifications in Expressive Arts Therapy and Counselling. I also am a Certified Artbundance Coach with a focus on creativity, spirituality, motivation and goal achievement.


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